This website hosts several tools that may be helpful for those doing work in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Currently, the tools include a database of normative T1 and T2 measures, an Ernst angle calculator, tools for basic online parametric fitting, and a tool to estimate image contrast in T1-weighted MP-RAGE imaging. Hopefully you find these tools useful or at least interesting. Please let me know if you do!

5/22/2013 Added the ability to set the initial parameters for the Parameter Fitting tool.
5/12/2013 The Ernst Angle Calculator and Parameter Fitting tools will now remember the values you have entered between visits.
1/17/2013 Added the Ernst angle calculator.
12/6/2012 Just a few small improvements.
11/3/2012 The Parameter Fitting tool has been updated. The T1 IR (imperfect 180) has been improved and should be more robust. Thanks Sam!.
04/30/2012 Bug fix. (Thanks Albert!) The MPRAGE Simulator was interpreting the Proton Density inputs as Integers only.
04/29/2012 Plotting is now totally client-side by making use of GChart. This should be more compatible with various devices (e.g., Android) and not rely upon on active Internet connection.
12/11/2011 Updates to the web page.
11/3/2011 Now available. A few of the tools are online now. Let me if you have fun with them.
Alan B. McMillan, PhD is an Associate Scientist in the Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison .