This is a simulator for T1-weighted MP-RAGE acquisitions for two tissue types using the extended-phase graph algorithm as described in the article "Optimized inversion-prepared gradient echo imaging."

Internet Explorer users might receive a "A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly" because there a lot of calculations occuring (see this page for more info: Other modern and possibly superior browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) do not seem to have this limitation and are able to complete the simulation in well under a second on most devices.

The parameters are defined as follows:
PD, T1, T2: are the relative Proton Density, Longitudinal Relaxation Time (T1) in milliseconds, and Transverse Relaxation Time (T2) in milliseconds, for tissue a and b.
NP is the Number of Pulses or phase encoding lines acquired in the inner loop after the inversion pulse.
FA is the flip angle of the acquisition within the inner loop.
Spoiling Inc is the quadratic spoiling increment in degrees (currently fixed at 50).
TR is the Repetition Time of the acquisition within the inner loop.
TD1 is the delay before the inversion pulse and subsequent data acquisition.
TD2 is the delay after acquisition of the inner loop (all of the phase encoding lines).


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